deserves the proper stuff to make it a blast for your guests, and it means the perfect desserts on your table.

We offer a wide variety of sweet or dessert shots (shooters), treats, and cakes to please what you are looking for.

From our list of party sweets, you may choose the flavors that indulge your taste, and the colors that match perfectly your set.

Your party...
Our desserts...

are made with high quality ingredients, and the sweet shots are placed in fancy clear plastic cups from 2.5 oz to 3.5 oz.

They can be displayed on your table in their original way, or you may stick a nice topper into them.


• Cheesecake:

- Strawberry

- Guava

- Raspberry

- Orange

- Apricot

- Caramel

- Chocolate

- Hazelnut (nutella)

- Cookies & Cream (oreo)

- Passion Fruit (maracuya/parchita)


• Key Lime Pie

• S'more

• Triple Chocolate Mousse

• Vanilla-Vice

• Red Velvet

• Carrot Cake

• Tres Leches

• Cuatro Leches

• Nutella Tres Leches

• Coco Tres Leches

• Cocolicious

• Royal Cake (natilla)

• Triple Choco Brownies

• Mini Flan

• Rice Pudding (arroz con leche)

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